‘Santa’s Lazy Gnome’ Is The Hottest New Lazy Alternative To Elf on The Shelf and We Are Here For It

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Pretty soon parents everywhere will be scouring the internet for Elf on The Shelf Ideas.

Or, you could ditch the Elf on The Shelf and swap him/her for Santa’s Lazy Gnome. Yeah, I like this idea better.


Meet Santa’s Lazy Gnome – the new holiday shenanigans that all the parents can get behind.

Instead of stressing over remembering to move the Elf and pose the elf in fun ways, bring in Santa’s Lazy Gnome.


The beauty of this fun new tradition is that Santa’s Gnomes sort of just sit around while all the Elves do the hard work.


Adorable and easy to maintain. No hide & seek or silly games to keep this Santa helper around. Santa sent The Lazy Gnome to help with the Naughty/Nice list. These mysterious friends report to Santa if you’re naughty or nice, even when you’re out of sight.

Sure, you can move your Gnome if you want but no crazy shenanigans to be had.

Santa’s Lazy Gnome comes with a Gnome and a book for around $25. It’s the Lazy Alternative to Elf on The Shelf and we are here for it!


You can grab Santa’s Lazy Gnome on Amazon Here.

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