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25 Exceptional Snake Crafts For Kids

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My daughter wants a pet snake. In the big long of list of things that is never ever going to happen, a snake living in my house is number one. So, instead, we have been making snake crafts.

Which are way cuter than actual snakes.

25 exceptional snake crafts for kids

25 Exceptional Snake Crafts For Kids

  1. Googly eyes and a TP roll turn into the derpiest little snake. I love him!
  2. You can make a snake with your rainbow loom. Look at that silly little tongue!
  3. Make a snake out of stuffed strawberries. Oh my gosh. He’s so cute I almost don’t want to eat him.
  4. Dude, we totally made one of those mismatched sock snakes out of clearance socks from Walmart.
  5. I like this felt flower button snake because he’s covered in flowers. Makes him less menacing. And snakey.
  6. You can make a snake out of a paper plate? Who knew?
  7. I straight up love this bottle cap snake.
  8. This snake is made out of chestnuts. I always wondered what the heck you were supposed to do with those when you weren’t roasting them on an open fire.
  9. You can make this thingy to make rainbow bubble snakes. Awesome.
  10. We printed out these finger puppet snakes the other day and my kid and her friends made an entire play starring snakes.25 snake crafts for kids
  11. You can make this little snake out of old tights. I can’t tell you how many we have that have been worn twice and have a hole in them!
  12. This washi tape snake is like the most hipster snake of all. We should put him in a mason jar and get him some black rimmed glasses.
  13. Hallecake went to school with these DIY snake pencil toppers just yesterday.
  14. Make a snake out of bubble wrap! I’ve never crafted with bubble wrap. I totally need to give it a try!
  15. I still have easter egg parts laying around. I need to make this egg snake!
  16. Wooden spoon snakes! I need these in my life.
  17. Make a snake out of an egg carton. I used to make these in elementary school!
  18. And I used to make these snake chains out of Starburst wrappers in junior high.
  19. Use salt dough to make these shiny snakes. I would totally hide these all over my house to freak people out.
  20. Hungry? How about snake for dinner?
  21. We made these stuffed snakes as a birthday gift for a friend!
  22. You can use mesh to paint snake skin nails on your daughter. Mine has been rockin’ this mani for weeks!
  23. Snake Necktie is the cutest little necktie of all.
  24. We made about a million of these snake knot bracelets. Okay, maybe not a million, more like five.
  25. This snake wreath is the creepiest wreath you will ever hang on your door. People will totally think twice about knocking!

snake crafts for kids

Yeesh! Now that I have snakes on the brain, I am going to go do make some cupcakes or something!

Happy Slithering!


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  1. Very nice blog I love it, sure your blog will help more people. Sincerely thanks

  2. These are cool ideas! My son would love some of these since we have a few snakes at home!

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