Snickers Seasoning Blend is Here to Make Everything Taste That Much Sweeter

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If your sweet tooth is begging for more, Snickers has the cure.

Courtesy of @snickers

For future midnight baking sessions or chocolate sundaes at 3 a.m., Snickers has changed the definition of ‘sweet’ thanks to the creators of Cinnadust and Twix Shakers.

Introducing Snickers Shakers, a seasoning inspired by the popular candy bar!

Embodying the chocolate, peanut, and caramel taste of the classic Snickers, this seasoning has all three flavor wrapped up in one bottle.

Courtesy of @mnmtwinz

To shake (or pour) on hot cakes, homemade donuts, or frozen strawberries, Snickers Shakers are asking for room in your seasoning’s drawer at home.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

And we can’t help but wonder which candy bar will be turned into a seasoning next.

SNICKERS™ Shakers Seasoning Blend

You can find the new bottle of sweet stocked on shelves nationwide sometime this month!

Courtesy of B&G Foods

Just look for the blue cap and Snickers bar on the front and you’ll know you’ve found the right seasoning.

Courtesy of @mnmtwinz

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