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SONIC Is Bringing Back The Double Stuf OREO Waffle Cone And Blast For A Limited Time

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I know it’s super cold out right now, but ice cream treats are still a necessity once in a while right?


SONIC is bringing back the Double Stuf OREO Waffle Cone and the Blast for a limited time and I am so ready for it!

OREO is pretty much America’s favorite cookie, right?

Courtesy of @oreo

The Double Stuf OREO Waffle Cone starts with a waffle cone that is made of OREO cookies!


Then layered inside is a sweet OREO Crème, ice cream, and then another layer of sweet OREO Crème and it’s all topped off with OREO cookie pieces.

The Double Stuf OREO Blast is a dessert you eat with a spoon!


It starts off with ice cream and then they blend in sweet OREO Crème and of course… OREO Cookie pieces!

Then they top the whole thing with even more OREO Cookie pieces!

In capturing the delightful taste of OREOCookies, our culinary team wanted to ensure every aspect of the iconic cookie was infused into the Double Stuf OREO Waffle Cone and Blast treats. By layering our Real Ice Cream with sweet OREO Crème and OREO Cookie pieces, we were able to bring America’s Favorite Cookie to America’s favorite Drive-In!

said Scott Uehlein, executive chef at SONIC

The Double Stuf OREO Waffle Cone and Blast are available at your local SONIC for a limited time only!

You can order them starting January 31st until March 27th, while supplies last!

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