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You Can Get A Wicked Cool Stained Glass Spider To Hang In Your Window

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Beautiful isn’t usually a word I would use to describe a spider, so I will just say: This stained glass spider is wicked cool!!

It is made of high quality US Spectrum Glass, copper foil, and patina — which gives it a glossy sheen.

This purple arachnid is a whopping 5.5 inches high, and 3 inches wide — about the size of a palm. Just the perfect size to hang in a window to surprise passers by!

Spiders are beneficial because of the number of insects that they capture and kill and their presence has long been considered good luck, which is why having this harmless cute guy at home is a must! Grab it today!

VenusGlassArt on Etsy

The technique we utilize (to make this spider) is called “soft soldering” also known as the “Louise Tiffany Method”. This approach has been used for centuries by stained glass artists all over the world, specifically for decorating cathedrals, chateaus and mansions.

VenusGlassArt on Etsy

Can you just imagine the sun catching this stained glass spider, and rainbows of purple light washing through the room. Gah! I need it.

This cutie even comes with a suction cup hanger, and arrives in a perfect little gift box. It makes it PERFECT for that gift for your bestie, your mom, or your sister.

This not-so-scary little spidey will run you $38. It does ship from the Ukraine, so take the extra shipping time into consideration when purchasing this stained glass masterpiece.

VenusGlassArt does offer another stained glass service that they want people to be aware of:

I would gladly make a custom stained glass portrait from a photo of a cat, dog, your pet or anyone and anything else you want. Send me actual photos before placing an order and we will discuss all the details of your unique custom product.

VenusGlassArt on Etsy

You can get your own stained glass spider — or specially ordered pet masterpiece — at the VenusGlassArt shop on Etsy.

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