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Starbucks Released A Purple Rhinestone Cold Cup And You Won’t Believe The Price

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Starbucks just released a Purple Rhinestone Cold Cup Tumbler, and I’m quite sure I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life.

Not only is this Rhinestone Cold Cup my FAVORITE color — PURPLE — it is completely blinged out!

This Rhinestone Cold Cup Tumbler is an OFFICIAL 2022 Starbucks cup, and you are totally going to want to get your hands on it.

There is, of course — as with all good things — a little bit of a catch to this 16 ounce Purple Rhinestone Cold Cup.

TECHNICALLY, it is only available in Taiwan. But, through the magic of the interwebs, you can get it in the United States, too!

How in the world can you get your hands on this gorgeous Starbucks Cold Tumbler?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your Starbucks Stars to get this Purple Studded Rhinestone Cold Cup.

Boooo, right?!?

You have to head on over to eBay to get your paws on this pretty Purple Rhinestone Cup.

Now, don’t panic when I tell you the price.

Remember, it is a very limited edition Studded Rhinestone Cold Cup, and not many people are going to be able to get one.

This Starbucks Purple Rhinestone Cold Cup Tumbler is selling for 170 bucks on eBay.

Yes, I said $170.

But, if you can dish out the funds, this Starbucks Rhinestone Cold Cup Tumbler might be totally worth it.

I mean, look at it!! *Heart Eyes Emoji*

You can get your own Starbucks Rhinestone Cold Cup Tumbler at the eBay website.

And, if you get your hands on one, I want to see pictures!!

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