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This Tent Cover Turns Your Trampoline Into A Clubhouse That Your Kids Can Camp In Outside

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Do your kids spend a lot of time outside playing?

Do you have a trampoline?

That was one of my kids favorite outdoor activities for the longest time!

They would have ben in heaven had I known about this cool cover that turns the trampoline into a clubhouse!


Not only does this give them a shady place to play out of the sun, but they could have camped on the trampoline with this!

My girls were always making indoor forts to hide out and play in, but this trampoline cover would have taken that playtime to a whole new level.


The trampoline cover fully encloses the trampoline, so no worrying about mosquitoes and other critters.

The top is built in a way that helps rain water to drain off of the top and down the sides instead of getting stuck up there weighing it down.

Sleeping on the trampoline just sounds super appealing and comfortable.

It has 3 screen windows so even when it’s on the kids can have light shining in and also see out while they jump.


The windows also step up the camping appeal too since they have covers and can be rolled up or down to close and open.

L. T – Amazon Reviewer

There is a that has a full zipper to enclose, but you can tie it open for more airflow while playing.


You can get the clubhouse trampoline cover in 3 different size options that will fit most trampolines.

  • 7-foot trampolines
  • 12-foot trampolines
  • 14-foot trampolines
  • 15-foot trampolines
Peaches – Amazon Reviewer

It also has 6-foot enclosure poles, all of it is very easy to install too!

You can buy your Clubhouse Trampoline Cover on Amazon, price changes depending on size.


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