This Tie Dye Pool Float Is So Groovy, I Need It

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If you need a new profile pic for your social media page, this inflatable pool float will make for the perfect background for an awesome picture! 

Courtesy of Amazon

Throw on your favorite bathing suit and let the bold colored, retro tie-dyed design do all the talking. 

Courtesy of Amazon

Just make sure the float isn’t stealing your spotlight, because it is bright!


The Tie Dye Island Inflatable made by Swimline, has a boho and groovy vibe to it. 

This inflatable reminds me of the tie-dye tapestries I used to hang in my room when I was in college. I used to have so many.

Courtesy of Amazon

With 65 inches in diameter, you and your best friend can sun bathe on this island together! 

It comes in two different tie-dye selections, all stunning of course! You can choose between a dark blue or bright yellow base. Both floats, have bold colors radiating from the middle which expand to the outer edges in a sun like shape.


You know what else this design reminds me of, spin art! Remember those spinning white canvases as a kid? First you would choose from a variety of colors. When the board was done spinning, the colors would blend and splatter out onto the white canvas. That look, is similar to this inflatable!


You can purchase the Tie Dye Island Inflatable for 40 dollars on Amazon and I call dibs on the bright yellow one!

Courtesy of Walmart

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