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This Tiny Insect Looks Like A Fluffy Cotton Ball And I Want One

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Nature never ceases to surprise me. But I never thought I would want to cuddle with an insect…until now!

Say hello to the Flatid Planthopper Nymph! This little guy is known to resemble cotton balls or popcorn, and I totally agree!


These little cuties can be found in the Amazon forest, and the white floof you see is actually waxy white filaments that they use for protection!

The unusual little bug is one of about 12,500 different planthopper species!. Planthoppers are insects that closely resemble plants that grow in their own environments.


I love these little guys and I’m so glad they were caught on camera! But again, never thought I would want to cuddle a bug…probably good they’re on the other end of the globe!


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