Apparently, You Have Been Using Post-It Notes Wrong Your Entire Life

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There’s nothing more disappointing than writing an idea down on a sticky note, only for it to unstick to and having to tape down the other side so it doesn’t leave the surface.

So what’s the point of a sticky note if we have to grab a slice of tape to make the other side of a Post-it note lay flat in the first place?

Well our questions and frustrations have finally been answered thanks to one TikToker who went viral for showing the public how to use a sticky note, correctly.

Courtesy of @aliabdaal

According to the TikToker, we all have been using sticky notes the wrong way and the proof is in the Post-it.

Courtesy of @aliabdaal

@aliabdaal who posted a simple life hack to social media regarding the colorful Post-its, I was today’s years old when I found out that the problem of a sticky note is not the manufacturing of the thin slice!

By simply removing the Post-it note sideways with the sticky part facing to the left rather than from the top, makes for a sticky note that will completely lay flat on any surface!

Courtesy of @aliabdaal

Just make sure to lay the sticky end of the post-it on the left side when sticking it to a desk, the front page of a book or on the fridge for a flat sticky note that doesn’t flip from the bottom!

Courtesy of @aliabdaal

So ditch the tape and use the sticky note like it was intended!

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