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You Can Make Mickey And Minnie Topiaries With Supplies From The Dollar Store And They Are Adorable

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If you need a fun and inexpensive fall decoration idea, this is it!

These are Mickey And Minnie Topiaries are totally adorable and the best part is, @myjoystory on TikTok said that she got her supplies from the Dollar Tree!


You’ll need some miniature fake pumpkins in the two sizes shown. The tiny ones will be for the ears! You’ll also need small terra-cotta pots, some paint, brushes ribbon to make a bow, foam, greenery, and toothpicks.

I think I covered it all!


You’ll need to prepare your terra-cotta pots by painting them first. She chose white which looks great with the pumpkins.


Next, you can paint the pumpkins. They come in some weird shades from the store. They look way too bright. So she took a more pumpkin-like orange and painted over them.


Once your pumpkins have dried, it looks like she uses toothpicks to put them together. The smaller pumpkins representing the ears, so cute!


After that, you can take some of the green craft foam and put it in the pot. Then take the greenery, faux moss, and place it over the foam.

Once you’ve done that you can use a toothpick to secure the mouse head topiary to the foam in the pot. If this one is Minnie, you attach a bow to her head the same way.


These look so simple to make! I think it would make a fun and cheap family project! You can watch her entire video below to see just how easy it is!


Happy September first! Supplies are from the Dollar Tree. ##diy ##disneydiy ##disney ##disneydiys ##falldiy

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