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You Can Now Rent Bella’s House in Twilight on Airbnb

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Twilight fans it’s time to reunite, perhaps in Bella’s very own house because You Can Now Rent Bella’s House in Twilight on Airbnb and word is, that includes standups of the characters from the show.

Life size Edward, anyone?

The house went up for sale last year and now the the iconic two-story home prominently featured in the show is now available to rent on Airbnb.

No, it’s not Forks, WA where you’ll be heading – although that is where Twilight takes place, the house is actually located about four hours away in St. Helens, OR, where a good amount of filming was done.

Not only does the exterior look entirely unchanged, but on the inside are various photos of the cast and memorabilia.

Yes, there are even life-size cutouts of Bella and Jacob Black to keep guests company.

Sorry ladies, no word if there is a life-size Edward cutout. Guess you’ll have to be team Jacob.

If you’ve been waiting for this opportunity, the Swan’s house is available for $440 a night on Friday and Saturday, and $330 every other day of the week, and sleeps up to 10 people.

So, who’s down for road trip?

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