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2 Ingredient Homemade (Edible) Paint

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The other day as I watched my two-year-old nephew eat food right out of the dog bowl (don’t worry, I stopped him), I realized I didn’t have much around my house for littles anymore. Sure, a few toys, a couple of books, but as far as arts and crafts kind of things, I was sorely lacking. But, being a creative woman, I decided to come up with an easy solution using ingredients right out of my kitchen cabinet. This super easy Homemade Edible Paint is a great solution for little ones who love to eat anything they are playing with!  It’s a simple and fast, non-toxic 2-ingredient mix that you can feel comfortable with. Sure it probably doesn’t taste as great as dog food, but at least if my nephew puts it in his mouth I know he’ll be just fine. Have fun!

This homemade paint for kids is also edible! Perfect for the littles who still put everything in their mouths. Have Fun! Click Now!

What You Need To Make Homemade (Edible) Paint:

  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Food coloring
  • Paper
  • Paint brushes (or this works great as a finger paint!)

Items Needed

How To Make Homemade (Edible) Paint:

Add a small amount of sweetened condensed milk to a small cup; add a few drops of food coloring to the condensed milk and stir! 

IN Process 1

If you would like to make more colors than just the primary colors that come in food coloring kits you can mix yellow and red to make orange and red and blue to make purple

In Process 2

This mixture is a little sticky but it cleans up nicely and does not stain clothes.  

In Process 3

Have Fun!!

Edible Paint Final

Want to have even more fun with your homemade edible paint? Check out these DIY Paintbrushes for Kids from our friends over at Parenting Chaos!


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