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Make Your Own Bath Salt

I am a total sucker for baths. I take one every single day. Sometimes two if it’s just been one of those days. But, all those fancy bath pamper products cost a fortune, so I save money by making my own! Seriously the cost of this Make Your Own Bath Salt is about $1.05 per jar. It takes about three minutes to make, and it’s so easy even my daughter can do it!

Make Your Own Bath Salt

Want to know how to make this bath salt yourself?

All you need to Make Your Own Bath Salt is:

  • Epsom Salt (I like the Lavender scented one, but you can buy either kind from the Dollar Store.)
  • Baking Soda (Again, dollar store– we aren’t using it to cook with, so we don’t need the fancy name brand stuff.)
  • A Fancy Jar (But only if you’re feeling fancy, I actually make up giant batches of this stuff and just leave it in a plastic pitcher for easy pouring.)
  • Your Favorite Essential Oil (Optional, but it makes this amazing!)

DIY Bath Salt That Kids Can Make


  1. Pour the entire bag of epsom salt into a plastic pitcher that has a tight lid (so we can shake it up later)
  2. Pour about a Tablespoon of Baking soda in. (This isn’t an exact science, it’s just to soften your bath water a bit, we usually just eyeball it.)
  3. Put the lid on the pitcher and shake it up.
  4. And, if you’re feeling extra fancy, pour it into a cute jar and give the bath salt as a gift. (I got my jars at IKEA.)

It really is that simple, and you just made fancy bath salt for about a dollar!

Happy sudsing!

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