Cap’n Crunch Is Releasing An Ocean Blue Maple Syrup That’ll Make Breakfast a Whole Lot Sweeter

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Cap’n Crunch has stepped up its game!

First it was cereal filled pancake mix, like we weren’t totally shocked when that came out, and now syrup!

I can only imagine what’s next in store for this cereal brand.

Courtesy of Best Products

Cap’n Crunch is releasing an Ocean Blue Maple Flavored Syrup. What makes this maple syrup extra sweet, is the bright blue syrup that fills up the bottle.

Although this may look absolutely amazing, don’t be fooled by the color, as the syrup tastes exactly like Aunt Jemima.

But who’s to say Cap’n Crunch doesn’t deserve bonus points for creativity?

The 24-ounce bottle can be purchased at Walmart at the end of March.

And if you aren’t familiar with this brand of cereal, do yourself a flavor and go buy a box, and while you’re at, consider picking up their pancake mix and maple syrup too!

Courtesy of Best Products

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