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“Divorce Parties” Are Now A Thing Turning The End of A Marriage Into A Celebration of The Next Chapter In Life

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I have to say as someone that happily got divorced way back when, I should have totally had a divorce party.

My first marriage just wasn’t meant to be, had I stayed both of us would have had a very unhappy life and I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Don’t get mad, divorce isn’t a great thing, but sometimes it is a necessary thing.

Not all marriages should last forever, and we all deserve to be happy, right?

Not long ago I wrote about divorce cakes, they were so creative, and how perfect to combine that divorce cake with a divorce party right?

Some of you will say it isn’t right, and that’s ok to have that opinion.

However, for some, this can be a celebration of new beginnings and closure and that can be a very good and much-needed thing for a lot of people.

We all have our own way of moving on, but regardless we all must move on!

Every single one of us deserves to be happy and if that means you want to have a divorce party, well then you have yourself a divorce party!

If a divorce party sounds like it might give you that closure you need to start over fresh, then by all means do what will make you happy!

If any of my friends do this, send me an invite, I’ll be there to support you on your new journey!

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