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Emoji Heart Colors Actually Have A Meaning And I’ve Been Using Them All Wrong

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I will admit, next to the smiley face emoji, I use the heart emoji on my phone or computer more than any other emoji out there.

I kind of use all the colors interchangeably, but it turns out there is actually a meaning behind every color.

Don’t know what the meaning is? Don’t worry. We got you! Here is a list of the heart meanings.

❤️ Red Heart ❤️

Obviously, this heart represents love. It can be used for almost anything, as it is a pretty generic heart. If you are in doubt about which heart to use, the red one is a good bet — unless you are using it with someone you just started dating. It may send an unintended meaning to that casual date.

? Blue Heart ?

According to Cosmopolitan, this is a generic heart. It is good to use for those superficial relationships — you wouldn’t use this for your BFF or your BAE, but it is a good heart to throw around for non-specific heart reactions.


? Yellow Heart ?

Yellow has forever represented friendship, so this is the perfect emoji to send to your buddy, your family members, or that relationship that is more friendly than romantic.

? Purple Heart ?

So, yikes. Purple is my favorite color, and I have been using this heart WAY wrong!! You actually want to use this color sparingly. This heart is used to signify a booty call. It could also represent a military purple heart, but you would only use it like this in like a family chat. Otherwise, people will think you are a little bit randy.


? Orange Heart ?

Generally used by men, this is known as a cowards red heart. This is used by dudes who can’t commit to a red heart, so they send an orange heart instead.

? Brown Heart ?

Listen up white people — do NOT use this heart. It is reserved for those skin tones that are black or brown. It does NOT show solidarity, but is an insult if used by anyone other than black or brown skin-toned people. If you want to show support, just go with a red heart emoji.

? Green Heart ?

Traditionally, green is known as the color of envy — but this may not be the meaning behind this heart. It also isn’t really associated with helping the environment. People tend to use this heart to signify volunteering of some sort. It is sort of bragging that you have a helping spirit, or that you have spent your time helping others.

? Black Heart ?

Never, I mean EVER, use this heart with a new crush. This heart is used for a deeper than red-heart love. We are talking a soul mate. It signifies almost an embarrasing amount of love.

? White Heart ?

This is a relatively newer heart to the emoji lineup. It is used to signify sympathy towards the loss of someone special, or to show support over the loss of a loved one. BUT, (for whatever reason) this heart isn’t used to show support for the loss of a pet — red hearts are used in this case.

? Broken Heart ?

Oh my goodness. I have been using this one incorrectly. It is NOT used to signify sympathy towards a loss, but instead is used ironically to signify giving someone a hard time — like if your partner has dissappointed you a little bit, but you’ll live.


❣️ Exclamation Heart ❣️

This is a giddy heart. It can be used in conversations with your BFF or that person who you love, but not romantically. It isn’t used to show LOVE love, but is instead a fun way to say “I can’t wait,” or “love ya.”

? Two Pink Heart Emojis ?

This is a flirty emoji. It is GREAT to use at the start of a romantic relationship or with your BFF 4 Ever. It is great to use with your “ride or die” person.

? Orbiting Pink Hearts ?

It is used to show those JINX moments — like when you and someone else are on the same exact wave length.

? Vibrating Pink Heart ?

It can be used to show an appology. It is also to show that you just “put yourself out there” with your new love. It is good to use with a crush, or to maybe confess your love for someone.

? Pink Heart That Is Getting Bigger ?

According to Cosmo, you should just avoid this heart. It does not mean a beating heart.

? Sparkly Heart ?

This heart doesn’t really have a romantic connotation. It is good to use in just about any situation.

? Heart With an Arrow ?

We all pretty much know what this means. It is sort of a forced show of love. Use it with your partner who you have been with for a long time. Don’t use it for a crush or a new love.

? Heart Wrapped in a Ribbon ?

Only use this if you are totally in love, and the other person knows it. It is an obvious heart that isn’t used very much. There are so many other hearts that can be used to get your meaning across.

So, don’t be like me, and accidentally send an unintended heart to everyone. I can’t tell you the number of times I have used the wrong heart in an awkward situation!!

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  1. How about the white heart? Did you guys forget about that one? Is that just for white people? This is so stupid!

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is stupid im not gonna lie

  3. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Nothing is reserved for anyone or anything. Come on, people!

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