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This Video Shows A Family Allegedly Sneaking Their Child Into Disney World By Pretending It Is A Baby

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It’s no secret that the prices at Disney World have gotten a bit out of control.

People are willing to do just about anything to save money on their vacations to The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Apparently that includes sneaking their kids into the park in any way they possibly can.

This TikToker, known as @frienditsmebarbie, even captured a family using a baby stroller to sneak their kid into the Magic Kingdom, bypassing Disney World’s admission policy.


Seriously, you have to see this footage. It’s a little bit ridiculous, and I can’t believe they got away with it!

We [paid] for our tickets and witnessed the funniest thing we had ever seen & so we decided to share it so you can laugh too🤣


As it turns out, Disney World prices are broken up into ages, and most people want to pay as little as possible, obvi.

People 3 through 9 years old are considered kids, and they pay a reduced entrance rate.

People 10 years old and up are considered adults, so they pay the full shebang.

BUT, those ages 2 and under get into the parks for FREE.

In the video, posted by @myfrienditsmebarbie, a family is seen entering the Magic Kingdom with a “baby” in a stroller.

They are all smiles — because they obviously know they got away with their little scheme.


Then the video cuts to a view of the happy little family inside the theme park.


They lift the “baby” out of the stroller, and all of a sudden it’s a kid who looks to be about 4 or 5 years old!


Seriously, I don’t know whether to be mad that they got away with it or hella impressed at the ingenuity.

You can see the entire video of the family taking the “baby” into the park HERE.


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