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This Farmer Shares How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon Every Single Time

Choosing between several watermelons in a large bin at the grocery store can sometimes be intimidating.

An easy trick that will make you pick the perfect watermelon every, single, time is using only two fingers when buying the large sized fruit!

We all crave a juicy, red watermelon in the summer and while many of us want a dripping watermelon we can sink our teeth into, many times we’re left disappointed.

A simple hack in choosing the right watermelon wherever you go is by simply using you two fingers on whole sized watermelons and making sure the dark green lines running across the outside are two finger lengths apart vertically.

Facebook user Kevin-Christie Kestler shared the food hack when she met a watermelon farmer who gave her the rundown on picking the juicy fruit, which currently has nearly 260 thousand shares and 11 thousand comments.

As it turns out, she put the trick to the test at the nearest grocery store, compared the green lines, cut into the watermelon and was pleased to find juicy red guts inside!

Who knew that we only had to use fingers instead of knocking, checking the weight and looking for big yellow spots to spot a tasty watermelon.