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You Can Grow A Pine Tree Indoors And It’s So Cool! Here’s How

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I love going out and collecting pinecones with the kids. They are great for so many crafts, including adorable pinecone gnomes!

four pine cones on top of brown wooden surface

The one obvious thing that I never even considered before was growing one! I mean, it is literally the way they grow and I never thought “hey let’s grow a pine tree”, until now.

Pine cones look like a pine tree and they contain the seeds to grow new pine trees. It’s super simple to do at home and a great project to do as a family!

All that you need are pine cones, soil, and water! You could take it further by using moss which looks super cool.

Just bury the pinecone partially in the soil, water it and make sure it is in a nice warm spot. Once the pine cone germinates you can transplant it outdoors or keep it indoors a bit before transplanting it outdoors.

You’ll see whorls of pine needles growing from the acorn and it looks really neat! When you do transplant it, you’ll want to make sure it has shade to protect it from harsh sunlight while it is growing.

Pine trees do well in full sun when they are older, but while they are young shade is good. Even a temporary shade shelter will work.


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