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You Can Get A Giant Haunted Mansion Inflatable For Your Yard That Is Perfect For Halloween

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Anyone a HUGE fan of spooky season? Me too!

Disney’s Haunted Mansion is THE perfect movie to watch during Halloween season, especially if you’re less into slasher films and more into cute animated ones.


Well, thanks to Target, you can bring these cute little ghosts straight to your front yard this Halloween!


LOOK HOW CUTE! How could you NOT want one of these?!? I’d be happy to keep these up year round!


Now, according to the Target website, it states they are out of stock. But the truth is, they haven’t been released yet. They sometimes put items on their website to get ready for release, and this is one of those times!


So, if you want to get your hands on one of these before they actually DO sell out (because I’m sure they will), keep an eye out here for the Target release to grab one when you can!


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