HomeGoods Is Selling Viral Ghost Blankets That’ll Bring the Boos to Halloween

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HomeGoods is skipping Christmas in July and rather going straight to spooky season during the hottest days of the summer.

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And thanks to TikTok, there are already a few items going viral that everyone must have in stores!

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Introducing the latest Halloween decor obsessions dubbed ghost blankets.

Courtesy of @astoldbymichelle

Decorated in three different versions everyone and their grandma are trying to get their hands on, these fluffy blankets are the perfect pair for fall nights with a chill in the air.

Courtesy of @jessshopping

Featuring blankets decorated in ghosts from top to bottom, the three blankets include one that’s white with colorful ghosts, another that’s black with white ghosts, and the third with white ghosts and a white background!

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Add to your bedroom to give your space an extra Halloween feel or simply wrap yourself at night during Halloween season.

Courtesy of @astoldbymichelle

You can find the three blankets stocked at HomeGoods shelves.

Courtesy of HomeGoods

Our advice? Ditch the car and grab the broomstick to beat the traffic because these blankets are becoming scare quickly!

Courtesy of @jessshopping

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