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Kim Kardashian Posted A Totally Cringe Video On And It’s Hilarious

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Maybe Kim Kardashian IS actually just a little bit like all of us.

Kim always turns on the sexy in her social media posts. She is known for doing just that.

But, Kim recently lost a bet with North West, and we are loving the results!

The lost bet meant that Kim had to leave a cringy video on TikTok, and she is all of a sudden relatable.


She jumped on the bandwagon of the latest TikTok trend.

This trend shows users caking on heavy makeup, while lip synching to British grime, TikTok phenomenon Millie B’s, “M to the B.”

In the video, Kim is seen chomping vigorously on gum, before she starts her wild transformation.


She throws her hair up into a messy bun, and begins to apply the makeup — and more makeup — and more makeup.


Kim’s foundation is way too dark, her concealer is way too light, and I love every second of it!!


It’s great to see Kim not taking herself so dang serious for once.


Keep making bets with North West, Kim!! We love to see the cringy results!

You can see Kim Kardashian’s entire TikTok video HERE.


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