Make Your Own Pandora Style Bracelet

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I love jewelry just like the next gal, but I don’t like the high prices associated with it. So instead of spending my hard earned money on those gorgeous bracelets found in-store, I decided to come up with my own Pandora Style Bracelet. The results: Gorgeous and so inexpensive!

Warning: Ladies, don’t tell your men or you run the risk of never receiving those surprise jewelry gifts. After all, it’s okay for men to spend their hard earned money on us every once in a while….Right?

Pandora Style Bracelet

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Pandora Style Bracelet:

How to Make Your Own Pandora Style Bracelet:

  1. Simply add the beads on in the pattern you desire and re-attach the clasp. Some people like just one stand-out bead, while others prefer a full bracelet of beads. Go with what suits you, or experiment!

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Note: You can purchase your bracelet chain and toggle clasp separately and attach together with a set of craft pliers, or you can purchase your bracelet already assembled. I like this set because the toggle can be removed to add small beads and then attached so they don’t fall off again.
Choose an assortment of large beads to fit your chain. Pandora beads also fit on this bracelet, so if your child receives one as a gift, or you have one to pass down to them, they can add it to this much more affordable option.
The beads can be changed out for the season or special occasion, and are affordable enough to have a small collection. This is a great way to encourage a preteen or teenager to personalize their jewelry collection without spending a fortune on different pieces.pandora style bracelet featured
Want another cute bracelet idea? Check out our Ribbon Bracelet. This one is perfect for kids and teens and is a great way to craft with the family!

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