Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Here to Make Our Lives Magical

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Do I go to Walt Disney World as often as I can? Yes. Have I taken a trip to Disney World just for the food? Also yes.

Disney World is KNOWN for its fabulous selection of foods. Tops on the list of awesome food stops, are the little food vendor carts you can find throughout the Disney parks.

Courtesy of @sweetdisneytreats on Instagram

Up until now, the Disney Parks have been the ONLY place to get the world famous Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Courtesy of @sweetdisneytreats on Instagram

Well, times have changed, my Disney-loving friends!


Ralph’s Grocery Store — a Southern-California subsidiary of Kroger — now carries these Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream Bars.


If you haven’t had one of these ice cream sandwiches, your are MISSING OUT!


They include two soft chocolate cookies that surround a center filled with thick cookies and cream ice cream.


We have about seven of these EVERY TIME we go to the parks. They are THAT good.


Have you had these before? More importantly, are you going to have them NOW? The answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY yes.


If I can’t take a trip to Disney World, this is the next best thing. I can take a bite, close my eyes, and imagine I’m there amongst the magic.


Hakuna Matata, Amirite?!?


I really do need these as Part Of My World!

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