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We Made Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispies

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So, the daughter is hard at work on her Minecraft YouTube channel, and she’s decided to add a new feature called “Bake with Hallecake” where she makes Minecraft baked goods like cakes, rice krispy treats, brownies, and everything else we can think of.

For her first episode of Bake with Hallecake, she made Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispy Treats, and they are fantastically adorable.

Minecraft Rice Krispies Perfect for a Minecraft Birthday

She did that HERSELF! She even came up with the system for putting the icing on the Creeper Crispy Treats all on her own. I was just the camera man!

And even though those Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispies are cute, they aren’t nearly as cute as the actual video she made.


There is so much more to come, so subscribe to her awesome Minecraft YouTube channel!

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