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Amazon Is Selling A M&M’s Gingerbread House Cookie Kit So Bring On The Holidays

My kids LOVE these M&M’s cookie houses. They loved the haunted house for Halloween and now, they are going to love this M&M’s Gingerbread House Cookie Kit for the holidays!

Amazon is currently selling a M&M’s Gingerbread House Cookie Kit you can build, decorate and even munch on just in time for the holidays!

Christmas just got a whole lot sweeter thanks to the deliciousness of M&Ms chocolate candies. This Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit contains everything needed to create a beautiful and delicious centerpiece for the holiday season. Take your gingerbread house to the next level with delicious M&Ms chocolates. The gingerbread house is a fantastic classic centerpiece to have at a Christmas party, office party, birthday party, school party, baby shower, wedding shower, anniversary party, or family gathering. 

The kit comes with everything you need to make a fun Gingerbread house covered in M&Ms. Including: pre-baked gingerbread cookies, frosting, M&M’s and holiday decorations.

Aside from the full house, they also have a M&M’s Holiday Mini House Kit that is around $15 a bit smaller.

I am sure these won’t last long and will be popular just like the M&M’s haunted house kit we saw around Halloween so grab one while you can!

You can order the M&M’s Holiday House Gingerbread Cookie Kit here on Amazon for around $30!