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People Are Saying That Netflix’s New Movie ‘Wish Dragon’ Is Too Similar To Disney’s ‘Aladdin’

A new movie that tells the classic tale of a teenager of small means (Bobby Lee) with one wish and a powerful dragon best friend (John Cho) who can grant it is being deemed as a copy to a famous Disney classic. It’s hard to find good movies these days.

Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s new animated movie Wish Dragon from Sony Pictures Animation, Base Animation, and Jackie Chan is said to be similar to Disney’s Aladdin, a “carbon copy” clone to be exact.

Courtesy of Netflix and Disney

Is Wish Dragon Just a Modern Take On Aladdin?

Some who have already watched the new film, state that there are similar jokes between the two movies and even the set-up of the movie is almost identical. It’s one of those magic of possibilities meets the meaning of life with a hint of time travel and a last dragon feeling.

Courtesy of Netflix Futures

According to Reddit user @Sam_thunderdogs, says that there are more than just a few similarities between the two movies. A lot of the plot elements are very similar. It’s more like a modern day Disney’s Aladdin with a little spirit world mixed in. It’s weird because even the journey forces both characters to go down the same paths to a whole new world and a better life.

What Is Wish Dragon about?

The main character in Wish Dragon is very similar to Aladdin’s character, the protagonist also finds a magical, wise cracking being stuck in an old artifact and finally, the main character in Wish Dragon, Din uses his first wish on a magical teapot to pretend to be rich so he can impress a love interest, and go on a hilarious adventure just to name a few.

He is a working-class college student, but he has all the same big dreams as Aladdin does, and it’s just painfully obvious. They’re both just a peasant boy trying to answer life’s biggest questions in exactly the same way. With a magic teapot instead of a magic lamp. You know?

Even the bad guys remind you of Arabian nights and Arabian days. The story of Aladdin is just all over this thing.

The next day determined teenager Din wishes his second wish, and honestly it’s just more of the same. Look, the movie is an enjoyable animated film, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also just modern China Aladdin. Okay?

Courtesy of Netflix Futures

Although, even with the few outstanding similarities, CBR (Comic Book Resources) pointed out a handful of differentials that separate the two movies drastically. 

Courtesy of Netflix Futures

A key difference according to CBR is when Li Na (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) discovers that Din (Jimmy Wong) isn’t a prince, which tells a more “realistic approach” with the conflict that arises between the two characters who are supposed to be in love and possibly live happily ever after. 

Courtesy of @Toon4Thought

Unlike Aladdin, this movie doesn’t end with a pretty bow just because two people are supposedly in love.  

Who is in the movie, Wish Dragon?

Bobby LeeTall Goon (voice)
Natasha Liu BordizzoLi Na (voice)
Constance WuMom (voice)
Will Yun LeeDad (voice)
John ChoLong (voice)
Max CharlesYoung Long (voice)
Ronny ChiengPipa God
Aaron YooPockets
Nico SantosBuckley
Jimmy O. YangSmall Goon (voice)
Sumalee MontanoGranny Neighbor / Cougar (voice)
Jimmy WongDin (voice)
Ian ChenYoung Din (voice)
Regina TaufenAdditional Voices (voice)

The new film is available at your fingertips, streaming now on Netflix.

Don’t believe me? Just wait until you hear the last wish.

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