You Can Get A Personalized Monopoly Game And You’re Going To Love It

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You can get a Monopoly game that is completely customizable. From the name of the game, to what is on the “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards, to what you want on the property names, cards, and colors.

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We are a Monopoly family. We own at least 4 different kinds of Monopoly, and it is always are go-to when we have family game night — or even just when the kids, inevitably start with, “I’m board!”

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In fact, for my daughter’s birthday this year, tops on her birthday wishlist were Lilo & Stitch Monopoly, Disney Parks Monopoly, and Unicorn Vs. Llamas Monopoly.

There are so many worse things she could be into, AMIRITE?!?

Courtesy of TheDiceGuys

TheDiceGuys, on Etsy, sell really cool custom games. You can get a custom built Clue Game, a fun custom Guess Who Game, and of course, this custom Monopoly Game.

Courtesy of TheDiceGuys

Each game is completely and utterly One-Of-A-Kind. You will be the ONLY one in the ENTIRE world with a game like yours.

Courtesy of TheDiceGuys

When you purchase the Monopoly game, what you get is: A Customizable Game Board, Custom Title Deeds, 16 Each of Customizable Community Chest and Chance Cards, a Custom Box, 2 Regular Dice and 1 ‘Quick Play’ Die, Regulation Monopoly Money, and Regulation Monopoly Game Pieces.

So, basically, you get the ENTIRE game!

Courtesy of TheDiceGuys

I have a really straightforward form and reference board that make it really easy to jot down all your ideas/requirements, just send me your email in an Etsy conversation and i’ll forward it to you.

TheDiceGuys on Etsy
Courtesy of TheDiceGuys

When you are done filling out the request form, TheDiceGuys will do a mockup — kind of like they do with REAL games — to see if it is exactly what you wanted, and to ensure you are happy with the game.

It isn’t until AFTER you are satisfied with the board, that you actually pay for it! Pretty cool, huh?!? You pay right on the Etsy page.

Courtesy of TheDiceGuys

TheDiceGuys take 2-3 weeks to make your completely customizable Monopoly Game, and then they will ship it directly to you.

Courtesy of TheDiceGuys

They are in the United Kingdom, so take that into consideration when you figure how much time you will need before the board game is in your hands.


It DOES cost about $58 to ship it — but it is a CUSTOMIZABLE, One-Of-A-Kind game, and it’s coming from overseas. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!


The shop on Etsy also does get 5 out of 5 stars, with 143 reviews, so you know that you are getting good, quality, reliable work.


You can purchase your own Custom Built Monopoly Game on TheDiceGuys Etsy page.


It will run you $187 plus shipping. Not bad for getting the ONLY game in existence like YOUR game!


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