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So, I was reading a recent article on portion sizes and portion control… you know… the usual our portions are way too big, etc. And, can I just say…

Keep them that way!

Not because I can clean my plate, but because with the cost of food going up so much and with the portion sizes being ridiculously and obnoxiously huge, I can feed my whole friggin family with one plate!

This is something I discovered when I started losing weight… a lot of times the bigger plates of food are enough to feed your WHOLE family. I mean me, my husband, and my kid! That is a lot of food! There are some secrets to this though… here is what I have learned so far…

Let’s say you are in the mood for fajitas… don’t get fajitas for two… that is WAY too much food… instead get fajitas for ONE, and just order extra tortillas, and if you are super hungry, you can even order an extra side of rice and beans… trust me, this is MORE than enough food.

Salads and even cheap, healthy appetizers are great for making this work. A lot of meals come with a big momdo salad that can totally be split between everyone, or a lot of restaurants will let you add an extra one for like a dollar or some trivial amount. Eat the salads before the meal comes! It will fill you up and give you veggies! At italian restaurants we always get a salad, split it, eat some spaghetti, lasagna, or whatever, and are totally full at the end of the meal!

Burgers are HUGE these days…I mean ridiculously large… a burger from a restaurant is like twice as big as the one you would cook at home. Cut it in half, or thirds even. If you are really hungry for more food… get one of those cheap salads! There is a kid’s meal from this place we eat at that comes with a bonus chicken ender… my husband and I both get one, and my daughter eats the tenders while we eat the small burgers. Works GREAT.

I would love to hear your tips on making eating out work for your family… I am always looking for better ways to do things!

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