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25 Ways To Reuse Empty Cardboard Tubes

Christmas is a time for family, for friends, and for tons of trash. It’s the time of year when we want to treat everyone we love, but those treats come with a whole lot of waste. Wrapping paper is tough to recycle…once it’s used, it’s hard to reuse in such a way that still looks pretty and gift-worthy. But the rolls? There are actually a lot of things you can do with wrapping paper rolls other than put them in the recycle bin. Here are just 25 ways to reuse empty cardboard tubes. There are plenty more, but hopefully this will give you a place to start! Have fun!

25 Ways To Reuse Empty Cardboard Tubes

1. Want a great way to send your guests home happy? Make up some favor boxes and they’ll leave with a smile!

2. Don’t make that fireplace harder to manage than it has to be. These fire starters do the work for you!

3. Cord organizers will take the word ‘junk’ out of your storage drawer!

4. A beautiful wreath makes fun decor year round. And paper tubes are a great way to change with the seasons!

5. These owl ornaments are fun for any Christmas tree, or to use as decorations once the season is over.

6. Who hasn’t bopped someone on the head with a wrapping paper roll before? These play swords take that one adorable step further!

7. This gorgeous scroll wall art looks like metal, but only takes an afternoon to create!

8. Or for a uniquely styled home, try this door frame decor.

9. You can use this gift card holder tutorial to help you give a gift card in style.

10. Don’t want to worry about animals or kids knocking into your candles? These faux candles will give you the beauty, without the risk.

11. And adorable vintage gift box is a cool way to give someone something small, and stylish.

12. Bring on spring! These faux flower daisies will add a splash of spring whimsy to any room, anytime of year.

13. This decorative lamp is a fun way to create a unique look for your unique room!

14. This colorful desktop organizer is a cool way to store pens, scissors, and other crafting items without spending an arm and a leg.

15. You can make this fun bird feeder and hang it right outside your window for the birds to enjoy.

16. These paper lanterns make beautiful party decorations that don’t involve a trip to the party store.

17. Want to grow a garden? These seedling starters let you get those plants started inside, before moving them outside.

18. Try making sweet basket for someone in your life who has a sense of whimsy, and an appreciation for all things frugal.

19. Check out this beautiful pencil holder! It’s recycled, and can be decorated to match your personal style.

20. Tired of unraveling wrapping paper? This gift wrap holder tutorial shows you how to store it, without making a mess.

21. Your little (or big) kids are going to love battling with their own homemade light sabers.

22. Unexpected dinner party? Make these napkin holders to add a splash of design in only minutes.

23. This beautiful mirror frame lets you add a pop of sophistication to your room, without taking out a second mortgage.

24. Bust out these confetti poppers when you want to shower your guests with confetti fun!

25. Make this awesome wall collage to add a personalized touch to your favorite room.

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