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Home Depot is Selling Solar Powered Lights That Attach Right To Your Gutter

I am a bit obsessed with lighting around the outside of my house. Maybe I have watched too many scary movies, I don’t know.

But, I am all about light especially around those creepy, dark corners of my house.

If it can be a solar light, that uses sunlight to recharge its batteries, EVEN BETTER!

These Hampton Bay Solar Powered Gutter Lights are Totally The Bomb — See what I did there?

I got mine at my local Home Depot, and they were only like $16 for a four-pack of lights. I was able to light all around my house for like $80!

If you’ve never used solar lighting, it’s SO EASY!! You just put them up, and let them fully charge in sunlight for 10-12 hours. There is no turning them on and off. When they sense it’s getting dark, they switch on!

They put out a very soft white light. It is not a yellow-ish hue, like we’ve seen on outdoor lighting in the past.

These are so easy to install. The box comes with everything you will need to put them right on your gutter — you just have to supply the gutter.

Once they are installed, they are just a nice little addition to the gutter area.

You hardly notice they are there — until night time!

Home Depot has a TON of solar lighting, including lights to put by the pathway to your door, but these gutter lights are my favorite. They add a nice little peace of mind to the outside of the house.

You can get the solar powered gutter lights here.

Carolyn Hartill

Friday 29th of November 2019

Do you have mothin lights?

Patricia Lawrence

Saturday 9th of November 2019