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Sonic Has New Drinks With Bursting Bubbles And I Can’t Wait To Try One!

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My kids and I have an addiction to popping boba. There just happens to be an awesome place right down the road with the best boba tea drinks with a few flavors of popping boba you can add to them.

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We’re down here in the south where there is pretty much a SONIC every few blocks. We often head there for ice-cold drinks and slushes to cool down on hot summer days.


So, I was super excited to see that they are adding Bursting Bubbles, which sounds a heck of a lot like popping boba to me!

They are adding 4 new drink options that include the Bursting Bubbles, however… you can have them added to any drink or slush that you want!

The New Bursting Bubble Drinks From SONIC

  • Blue Burst: A burst of blue raspberry with sweet bursting bubbles
  • Blue Burst Slush: An icy burst of blue raspberry-flavored slush with sweet bursting bubbles
  • Cherry Burst: A burst of cherry with sweet bursting bubbles
  • Cherry Burst Slush: An icy burst of cherry-flavored slush with sweet bursting bubbles

The SONIC Bursting Bubbles are different than popping boba. They only describe them as “sweet bursts”. I can not wait to try them, however, we will have to wait until May 31st!

SONIC Bursting Bubbles will be available for a limited time starting on May 31st until August 1st. This information was confirmed by a PR rep to Best Products.

I’m thinking these would be amazing in an ice-cold Cherry Limeade!

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  1. Please don’t tell the public they will be available until August 1st. I just went to two separate locations and both said that they are no longer doing these bursting bubbles. Very poor and inaccurate communication on marketing’s part.

  2. I just got one today it is so good please just have for the year or more

  3. I had one yesterday and it is the same popping boba the only thing different is that you can’t choose the flavor of the boba. But they are good. I added extra extra boba.