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Scared To Order From The Starbuck Secret Menu? Here Are Some Drinks You Can Order Through The Mobile App!

I LOVE the Starbucks Secret Menu! But some of the drinks can be quite the mouthful to order!


But what if I told you, you don’t always have to memorize the recipe, or take screenshots to show your barista? What if there were an easier way?

We have started showing tutorials on how to order your Starbucks Secret Menu drinks through the Starbucks Mobile App! Using a few clicks, you can get that drink you’ve been dying to try without having to actually physically ask for it!

Some of my favorite options that you can order through the Starbucks mobile app is the Honeycomb Macchiato and our Bourbon Brown Sugar Frappuccino!

If you get anxious easily when it comes to ordering some of our drinks, this is the best approach to take!

So head on over to @supersecretmenu on TikTok and try out all of our amazing options on the Starbucks Secret Menu!