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Target Will Exchange Cat & Jack Clothing Even If Your Kids Outgrow It

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Every parent needs to know this information, because it is a game-changer when it comes to buying clothes for the kids!

If you shop for kids clothes at Target, you know they sell the Cat & Jack clothing line.

You also know that Cat & Jack clothing is incredibly well made, super cute, and crazy affordable!

But, did you know that Target will take back your kids’ Cat & Jack clothes?

I’m not talking about just the defective merchandise.

Target will take back the Cat & Jack clothing that you purchased for any and all reasons.

Yes, even the Cat & Jack clothes that are well-loved, with holes in the knees and covered in stains.

But wait — they will even take back Cat & Jack clothing that your kids have outgrown.

WHAT?!? I’m serious.

i just called our target, and it’s true

McKenna Russell King

This sneaky return policy applies to ANY Cat & Jack item — shoes too!

You just have to bring the Cat & Jack clothing to your local Target, and they will exchange it for new!

Now, don’t go expecting a full refund, because that isn’t going to happen.

But, they will EXCHANGE the Cat & Jack clothing for NEW Cat & Jack clothing!

This is important, so listen up —

Every Target store is different, so you will have to follow their policy. You might have to show a receipt, or they might be able to look up the transaction by your credit card or Target app.

Here’s a bit of advice. Don’t go in demanding an exchange. Don’t be that person.

If you are nice, and follow their policy, they will be MUCH more willing to work with you.

It is typically for up to 1 year after purchase but some stores are extending this time frame.

But, BRB while I go dig through my kids’ closets for Cat & Jack clothing!!

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