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People Are Using Toilet Paper Rolls To Make Biodegradable Pots For Plants And It’s Genius

Gone are the days where we plant our vegetables or house plants in a boring tan pot that you can get from Walmart or a hardware store. 

For a more biodegradable option, plant enthusiasts are cutting toilet paper rolls in half, and making them into pots for plants! 

Courtesy of @beeyouorganics

Not only will you be doing a favor for Mother Earth, but toilet paper rolls are also an item you should already have around the house. 

Courtesy of @gardennymphtt

To create your own pot from toilet paper rolls, start by making a series of 1 to 1 1/2 inch cuts around one end of the roll. 

Then, fold the cut sections in towards the center to create a stable bottom for your plant. 

Courtesy of @gardennymphtt

Fill your biodegradable pot with the soil and seeds of your choosing so your happy plant can begin to sprout and grow in its new home! 

Courtesy of @humeskatie

Not to mention, it’s s great way to finally get use out of something we all throw out each and everyday! 

Courtesy of @humeskatie