These Unique Puzzles Use Jigsaw Pieces That Are Shaped Like Animals and I Want Them All

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If you love puzzles, you might want to sit down, because this is one of the COOLEST puzzles I have ever seen!

It is a REAL wooden puzzle, and when completed, it totally looks like an awesome colorful animal.

But, that’s not all. The jigsaw pieces aren’t normal puzzle pieces.

They are actual items — animals, plants, hands, leaves, etc — that somehow fit together, and relate to the animal you are recreating on the puzzle!

These amazing wooden puzzles are made by the Unidragon company, and each puzzle comes with a dragon piece, in honor of the emblem of the company.

All the jigsaw puzzles are made from birch plywood, and they smell as woody as they are AWESOME!

The precision of each puzzle piece is due to the high-precision laser that is used to craft each puzzle. You have GOT to see these pieces. They are like nothing I have ever before seen!

What is the distinctive feature of these puzzles?
All parts are cut from birch plywood, 4 mm thick.
As soon as the box opens, you will feel the woody aroma.
To create all these graceful figures, we used a high-precision laser.


There are four different animals to buy: Charming Owl, Mysterious Lion, Shining Fish, and Alluring Fox. There is NO WAY I can decide which one I like the best. I’m going to need them all!

There are two different sizes of each puzzle. There is a SMALL, which has 101 pieces, and is $60. Then there is a MEDIUM, which has 195 pieces, and is $80.

Each puzzles comes ready to assemble in a gorgeous wooden box. The top of the box is a display picture, in itself.

Then, the puzzle inside is a beautiful work of art you get to complete. You will totally want to Modge Podge it, and keep it FOREVER.

You can get your own Unidragon puzzle on the Unidragon website. My favorite part — they take PayPal!

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