Walmart Is Selling Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Squishies, Accio to Me

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I love when I find new toys or things to collect on my weekly vacation away from the kids and by ‘vacation’ I mean, my grocery shopping trip to Walmart.

On my most recent visit, I came across these Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Squishies and OMG Accio to me!

These chocolate frog squishy toys are prop replic’s and officially authorized by Warner Bros., inspired by the famous Honeydukes treat as seen in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


This non-edible version can be squished and stretched. Plus each comes with a collectible Witch or Wizard sticker. Which there are 6 different ones so you might just want to buy several of these.

I found them near the toy isle on an end display. They were priced right under $7 making them the coolest and most affordable squishy ever!

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