A Behavior Specialist Explains Why Amber Heard Constantly Looks At The Jury During Her Testimony

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If you aren’t watching the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial, what are you doing with your life?!?

Watch for any amount of time, and you will undoubtedly see Amber Heard constantly looking at the jury during her testimony.

It’s actually a little awkward and annoying, IMHO.

Why Is Amber Heard Constantly Looking At The Jury?

Bottom line is, she was probably coached to do so by her lawyers.

Looking at, and directly addressing the jury is a way to build rapport with the jury. It’s a way to get the jury to sympathize with her.

On the other hand, according to Susan Constantine-Perfido, a behavior specialist who spoke with Fox News Digital, too much eye contact can actually backfire.

Too much eye contact can make jurors feel uncomfortable and make them feel their objectivity and neutrality could be questioned.

Susan Constantine-Perfido

She goes on to say that constantly looking at the jury comes off as “robotic and coached.” And she’s right, it really does.

Amber darts her eyes towards jurors and lands eyes on those that most likely make eye contact with her. It is unclear if she is connecting eyes with a few or all the jurors. As a trial consultant I do not advise my clients to gaze over to jurors on every answer. It does appear robotic and coached.

Susan Constantine-Perfido

Neama Rahmani, a former U.S. Attorney, says exactly the opposite. He thinks that the jury should be the main focus when testifying on the stand.

The only opinions that matter are those of the seven jurors and four alternates — In a case that’s all about likability and credibility, Heard wants the jurors to believe she is telling the truth and she was victimized by Depp. Eye contact is consistent with the truth, and avoiding eye contact a sign of deception.

Neama Rahmani

I’m very curious to see what the jury thinks.

We get to see everything through a pretty broad lense. We get to read articles, see all the memes, and hear all the conspiracy theories (Like: People think Amber Heard took a bump of cocaine while on the stand).

The jury is watching through a pretty intense bubble. They are told NOT to watch TV, read articles, or do anything that might sway their opinions toward the case.

And, we have no idea what backgrounds the members of the jury are coming from. Are they Johnny Depp fans to begin with? Have they, themselves, been the victims of domestic abuse?

We just have no idea.

Amber constantly looking at them might be causing uncomfortable feelings for jury members. OR, it could actually be working to make them side with her.

While we are #TeamJohnnyDepp around here, the jury might be buying her crap sympathizing with Amber.

I guess we will find out when this whole trial comes to an end.

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