You Shouldn’t Wear A Mask, And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

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I was at the Walmart Pharmacy the other day, minding my business, wearing my mask (I’m Immune Compromised), and waiting to be next in line.

This lovely gentleman decided it was in his best interest to walk up to me and “strike up a conversation.”

It went something like this:

Me: *Minding my business*
Him: *Walks up within 2 feet of my face*

Me: *Looks at the dude*
Him: “You better put that mask around your eyes. The virus is going to get in through your eyes” *Laugh, Snort, Grunt*

Me: *Stand there dumbfounded*
Him: “You shouldn’t be so scared.” *Proceeds to weave in and out of my personal space* “Uh-oh. I’m not staying 6-feet from you. You’re going to get sick.”

Pharmacy Tech: “Next in line”
Me: *Walks around the guy, so as not to bump into him*
Guy: “Uh-oh. I’m not wearing a mask. You’re getting too close. Uh-oh. You’re going to get sick. *Fake Cough*”

I can’t even make this stuff up.

You shouldn’t wear a mask, and other lies we tell ourselves:

I shouldn’t have to wear a mask:

INCORRECT. You are being considerate of other people by wearing a mask. You know that by wearing a mask, you are keeping your germs to yourself.

You know that wearing a mask doesn’t really protect you, as much as it keeps others from breathing in the droplets you sneeze out, breath out, cough out, and just let loose by talking out.

This isn’t really a virus, it’s a flu:

INCORRECT. Do you want me to pull up the CDC website, so you can read it for yourself? Don’t be ignorant. School yourself on the disease, instead of just believing everything you hear. And, social media is not an acceptable source of information.

Social distancing should be a choice:

INCORRECT. If you think this is fact, you are not allowed to make choices right now. By social distancing, we are protecting society as a whole. Right now, you are allowed to go to the store, allowed to go get takeout, and allowed to drive around all you want in your vehicle. It could be so much worse. Staying to yourself for this small blip of time in the grand scheme of reality, protects society (including you), and then you can go back to normal when things are better.

I don’t know anyone that has COVID-19. That makes it a fake disease.

INCORRECT. Give it time. If you don’t personally know someone with the coronavirus, you will. Just because you don’t immediately see its effects, doesn’t mean the virus doesn’t exist. The number of infected individuals is growing at an alarming rate, and odds are, you will know SOMEONE who has the coronavirus. It might even end up being you.

Children can’t catch the coronavirus.

INCORRECT. It’s true, symptoms seem to be different in children and adults, but children can carry and become sick from the coronavirus. The virus is still mutating, and there is still so much we don’t know about the disease.

They are inflating the numbers of the sick and deceased:

Only doctors, hospital staff, the CDC, and those immediately affected by the disease know this for a fact. It really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. There are more and more people getting sick. There are more and more people dying. This doesn’t mean we should have mass pandemonium and fear. It means we should be SMART, and follow guidelines that are put in place to HELP.

Don’t believe everything that you hear. Do a little research yourself.

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  1. A flu is a virus. So is coronavirus. Who gives a crap about the distinction. They can both kill you. Also, it sounds like you are fortunate enough to be able to stay home and not have your utilities cut off. That is a luxury not everyone has.

  2. Those of us with lung problems can not wear masks so stop telling us we are inconsiderate. We are avoiding an ambulance and the hospital