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You Can Dress Up As Barbara And Adam From Beetlejuice For Halloween With These Awesome Masks

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Beetlejuice fans, I have found the perfect couples themed costume idea! You can go as Barbara and Adam from Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice is one of my all-time favorite movies!


The Barbara mask is everything you would expect! The masks are 100% latex and cover your entire head. There are eyeholes in the throat area, right above the eyes on the mask so that you can see where you are going.


My family and I are doing a Beetlejuice theme for Halloween this year and I came here to order the Barbara mask. Let me just say that it’s even better in person! I love it! The quality is great and it is so much larger in person. If you’re looking for an awesome costume, I highly recommend this. Not only is this mask amazing but I had to call customer service regarding my order and they were excellent and helped me resolve my problem instantly. Plus shipping was super fast! Cannot wait to wear this on Halloween! 🙂

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The Adam mask is just as amazing! The mask has black mesh covering the eyeholes that you can see through. It gives the blackout look of no eyeballs without hindering your vision.


There are also holes in the ears and mouth so you can hear and breathe without difficulty.


The slit at the back makes it easy to get on and off without feeling like you’re stuck. To complete the look, just add the proper clothing, a flannel for Adam, and a floral dress for Barbara! You could even add some hair from Halloween wigs to make it even better!


If you want to be the winners for the most epic couples costume, I would totally go for the Adam mask and Barbara mask!

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