25 Super Easy Last-Minute Cookie Recipes!

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Winter is filled with to-do lists. Between shopping, baking, holiday parties, kid recitals, school parties, and a dozen other things you won’t know about until last minute, sometimes it feels like winter is trying to kill you. Not only is there a ton to do, but almost every stop involves you making or bringing some form of cookie or treat. Who has time for all that? You! You do. These 25 super easy last-minute cookie recipes will make you seem like a goddess of time-management, plus they’re all homemade! Enjoy!

25 Super Easy Last-Minute Cookie Recipes!

1. These three-ingredient peanut butter cookies are a fan favorite!

2. Rolo cookies are about the best chewy caramel chocolate cookie you’ll ever try.

3. Check out these key lime cookies next time you’re craving something tart and sweet!

4. Delicious red velvet cookies will make you swear you’re eating cake.

5. Chewy coconut macaroons will take less than five minutes to prepare (and to eat)!

6. Forget turning on the stove with these no-bake peanut butter cornflake cookies.

7. Want an elegant cookie that’s also fast? These raspberry cheesecake thumbprints are exactly what you need!

8. Twix cookies are so good you’ll give up on the Right vs. Left Twix debate.

9. Check out these chewy brown sugar cookies when you want something sweet to snack on.

10. Kids love these funfetti chocolate chip cookies. Colorful AND delicious!

11. Throw that complicated chocolate chip recipe out the window, and try this three-ingredient one instead!

12. Delicious ginger cookies are a great last-minute cookie for when guests show up unexpected.

13. Try these simple vanilla cookies for an every day indulgent treat.

14. Kit-Kat cookies are crunchy, sweet, and everything that’s amazing about a Kit-Kat!

15. These no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies are ready in minutes, and super delicious!

16. No Girl Scouts around? Check out this homemade Thin Mints recipe next time you need a ‘fix’.

17. These delicious no-bake coconut cookies taste like the inside of a Mounds bar!

18. Love pecan pie? These pecan pie cookies are bite-size and ready in no time!

19. Oreo cheesecake cookies are like the cookies and cream dream team.

20. Zesty lemon cookies will live your lips puckered, and your kids asking, “More, please!”

21. Try these peanut butter sandwich cookies for a fast treat that is sure to impress.

22. These pumpkin oat cookies are a healthier fast option and hearty to boot!

23. Amazingly chewy fudge cookies are flourless but flavorful!

24. What the what? How cool are these potato chip cookies? You should try them for the name alone!

25. Samoa Girl Scout cookies are a way to get that Samoa fix year round.

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  2. Thank you for including my Potato Chip Cookie recipe (#24) in this round-up of delicious cookie goodness! And, you described them perfectly with your “what the what?” comment! They truly are a delicious and addicting cookie – they have that sweet/salty thing going on that does something to our taste buds when we take that first bite! And you can never eat just one! Thanks again! I appreciate the inclusion!