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DIY Minion Treat Bags

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They are yellow, they are crazy, and they talk in a way you cannot comprehend! I am taking about MINIONS!! The new movie is making it’s way to theaters soon and in celebration, we are busting out some fun ideas you can make with your own family. The first are these DIY Minion Treat Bags! The best part is, most of the supplies needed can be found right at your local dollar store so it’s very inexpensive as well!

DIY Minion Treat Bags

Supplies Needed to Make Minion Treat Bags:

  • Yellow Mini Canvas Bags
  • Silver Glitter Glue
  • Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Black Felt Sheet
  • White Felt Sheet
  • Gray Felt Sheet
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors

minion treat bags supplies

How to Make Minion Treat Bags:

  1. Take a black pipe cleaner and place it across the front of your canvas bag. You want to have it fit perfectly side to side and clip off the excess. Do not throw the excess pipe cleaner away as we will be using it later.minion treat bags inprocess1
  2. Hot glue the pipe cleaner onto your canvas.minion treat bags inprocess2
  3. Trace a circle onto your gray felt. I used the bottom of a plastic cup. Then cut this circle out.minion treat bags inprocess3
  4. Glue the circle onto the middle of your pipe cleaner. This serves as the minion goggle.minion treat bags inprocess4
  5. Trace a circle onto your white felt. This circle needs to be smaller than the gray one. I used a Powerade bottle cap. Cut it out.minion treat bags inprocess5
  6. Glue the white circle on top of your gray circle. This serves as part of the eye.minion treat bags inprocess6
  7. Trace a circle onto your black felt (the best you can). Again this needs to be smaller than your white circle. I used a water bottle cap to make this one. Cut it out.
  8. Glue the black circle on top of your white circle. minion treat bags inprocess7
  9. Grab your leftover pipe cleaner from step 1 and bend it into the shape of a smile. minion treat bags inprocess8
  10. Hot glue the “smile” onto your canvas bag.minion treat bags inprocess9
  11. Take your silver glitter glue and trace around the outer edge of your gray circle. This is optional but it does add a bit of sparkle!minion treat bags inprocess10
  12. Allow everything to dry before giving to your child to play with!

You can make each bag look different. Add some purple hair to some, two eyes on others, and you will have your own group of minion bags in no time!

Minion Treat Bags Featured

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