This Frozen Coke Slurpee Maker Is The Perfect Way To Keep Cool All Summer Long

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I need this Frozen Coke Slurpee Maker in my life right now! Not only can you make Coca-Cola Slurpees, you can make margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies, and — my favorite — the piñan colada!!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

Summer just SCREAMS “Give Me Frozen Beverages!!” I am looking forward to having all the frozen tasty treats during this record-breaking hot summer! Just try and stop me. (No, please don’t really stop me.)

There are tons of things you can make. Let your imagination run WILD as you create frozen tasty summer beverages with this 40 ounce Slurpee Maker!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

You get TWO settings for ice on this bad boy: shaved ice or slush ice. Dude, I need a shaved ice Coke Slurpee right about NOW.

This Frozen Coke Slurpee Maker both shaves the ice, and stirs it into your delicious drink at the same time, so it is PERFECT for making fun tasty treats of the iced variety.

Courtesy of Kohl’s

Make any Coke enthusiast happy while you make the perfect slush drinks, margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies and much more with this Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Frozen Beverage Station.

Kohl’s website
Courtesy of Kohl’s

This Slushie Maker may have COKE on the front of the pitcher, but do you prefer Dr. Pepper? Go for it — I won’t tell. I would use Strawberry or Peach soda, or maybe even some root beer, to make a yummy icey mixture.

You may think you have to make or buy special ice for this machine — but, NOPE!!! Just dig that regular ol’ ice out of your freezer, and VOILA!! You are just a couple minutes to a tasty frozen treat!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

You can get your OWN Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola 40-oz. Frozen Beverage Station from the Kohl’s website.

You will get the 40 ounce Coke pitcher WITH the Slurpee machine for $60, and you are bound to use it almost every day this summer!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

If you add on $15 more to your purchase, you will get FREE SHIPPING — and you KNOW that’s my favorite part!

If it were me, I’d totally add on this Nightmare Before Christmas camping chair!! You can take it to the lake or the beach — or of course, camping — this summer.

Courtesy of Kohl’s

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