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‘Rugrats’ Is Getting A Reboot Complete With A CGI Update And I Can’t Wait

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Ever since this news was announced, I can’t get the iconic theme song out of my head, and I’m not even mad!!

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

The Rugrats — easily my FAVORITE cartoon from the 1990s — is getting a reboot, and this time around they are going to be in full CG-animated glory!

Courtesu of @cartoonfreak95

This genius animated series, which showed everything from a baby’s point of view, will drop on the new streaming network, Paramount Plus, and I can’t wait!

Courtesy of @gamespot

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be some cheesy knock-off version of the original. The ENTIRE cast is set to reprise their respective roles!!

Courtesy of @orlando_aldia

That means that Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil, Susie, and Angelica will all be coming back for the Rugrats party! *SQUEE*

We are even going to see a return of Reptar!!

Courtesy of Paramount Plus on YouTube

Now, you might notice there is one little baby missing, and that would be Dil Pickles.

According to Tara Strong (the voice of Dil), the producers informed (her) that Dil will not appear during the first season of the revival

Rugrats Fandom
Courtesy of @rongatsbydraws

Boo!! That is a bit disappointing, but maybe he will show up in later seasons.

Courtesy of @2dtyler

Hey, at least we are getting MOST of the ORIGINAL cast in their ORIGINAL roles!!

According to Rugrats Fandom, this epic reboot will happen sometime in 2021, but we aren’t quite sure when just yet.

Courtesy of Paramount Plus on YouTube

Now, the OG Rugrats aired from 1991-2004. (I know, I know, the babies should have been on their way to high school, but we are ignoring that part.)

Courtesy of @lovedomaine_28

There was a spinoff, All Grown Up!, which aired for 5 seasons in the 2000s, but we are taking it WAY back to the beginning with this reboot.

Thank goodness! The OG was WAY better than the spinoff, IMHO.

Courtesy of @slade0386

Be looking for more news to come soon on the Rugrats reboot! You know we will let you know just as soon as anymore news drops!

For now, you can see a trailer for the new Rugrats reboot HERE.

Courtesy of Paramount Plus on YouTube

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