Skittles Is Removing The Color From Their Candies In Support Of Pride Month and I Want Some

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For the 3rd year in a row, the Skittles Pride packs are hitting stores.

The candies were created to support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.


These have appeared in Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom in previous years, but now they are taking the United States by storm!

The Pride version skittles has gray candies with a white S on them. Yes, all of the color has been stripped from them.

However, this year will feature a “splash of color” thanks to six talented artists within the LGBTQ+ community (including Richmond based duo Ash  Chess) who crafted original pack designs that represent how they “see the rainbow” each and every day.

You won’t be able to tell which flavors are which, but the gray candies do come in those five original flavors: strawberry, orange, lemon, green apple, and grape.

It’s basically a mystery with every bite.

The idea of stripping the colors is that Skittles is giving up its rainbow to show that only #OneRainbow matters.

For the third year in a row, $1 of every Pride pack purchase will help to support GLAAD‘s culture-changing work and programs to accelerate acceptance and combat anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination.

These limited-edition Skittles Pride packs should start popping up in Walmart (including its website) and CVS nationally this week.

The limited-edition Pride packs will be available to purchase in 4oz Share Size Packs and 15.6oz Sharing Size Stand Up Pouches at select retailers nationwide from May – June.

“GLAAD is proud to continue our ongoing partnership with SKITTLES in its efforts to celebrate, support and increase visibility for the LGBTQ community,” said John McCourt, Deputy Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at GLAAD. “We hope the artists’ stories that SKITTLES shares inspire our community and our allies. Amplifying LGBTQ art and artists helps further GLAAD’s mission to accelerate acceptance.”

I cannot wait to get my hands on some!!

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  1. Didn’t it say somewhere in all this garble that the Skittles were GRAY!!! Why is everyone getting all bent out of shape and offended over GRAY!?! Nothing to see here, nothing racist. No black no white no brown. GRAY GRAY GRAY!!!!!


    1. God’s rainbow, the only rainbow that matters and will ever matter! ❤️

  3. Everyone complaining it is racist is completely stupid, and all have the collective IQ of 40. Honestly, no one cares about what colour you have, or lack thereof, or whatever. NO ONE. Are you that paranoid that you think everyone and everything is out to get you? Or are you just a troll who likes to play victim? Or, perhaps, are you so stupid, that you don’t know that pure white is the absence of any colour, and last time I checked, no human is pure white. Except, maybe, the dead ones. If there’s any ‘supremacy’ going on it’s the ‘supremacy’ of the dead, and even then, I don’t think they turn as white as a sheet of paper.

  4. I don’t find brilliance in that marketing at all. Sure, it gets my attention, but it is shortsighted and frankly offensive, especially to a person of color. If winning is about getting my attention, it did so at a cost. Anyone who says they are colorblind is naive. My color exists! If you cannot see my color then you cannot see me.

    1. This is a way to lose business. You’re company is designed to sell candy, and not push your political opinion. You need to stay nutral.

      1. Nutral

        Correct spelling is neutral. Just saying.

      2. Agree with Bob.. right up until .. “nutral”

    2. Its not about removing color. Its about the absence of it. The color white, the LITERAL color white, is scientifically the absence of all color. Again this is the actual, or lack of color really,, color. Not skin tone. Its not about race, its about love. Its not about trying to divide people, its about bringing them together. They are trying to show support by letting the LGBT rainbow be brigher then theirs for a bit. It doesn’t in anyway take away from your brilliant color/rainbow either?

      1. Scientifically, the color white is the combination of all colors. Full spectrum light appears white, but is actually comprised of every color, which can be seen by refraction through a prism. Black is the absence of color.

      2. Mickey, your comment is SO wrong. It’s LITERALly and scientifically opposite of what you just said. But thanks for trying.

  5. Laughable! All the jockeying for some platform to spin into individual agendas by so called intellectuals. First world problems is what I see arguments over candy color. Lol!

    1. I see no one arguing. It’s a show of love and support for a community that’s deserving of all the love and support

  6. I feel that it is a great idea one other idea would have been do the colors on diff flavors like green skittle is grape flavor ..
    I do laugh at those growling about religion truly you are not to judge it’s the lord who can only judge not you. You may disagree but respectfully. Just my thoughts. Thank you skittles for this and the funds that will be matched to donate.

  7. The pride rainbow literally means come as you are and all differences are accepted. To take away the color from skittles seems counterproductive. To make them all White seems to imply uniformity and not inclusion. To make them all ANY ONE COLOR implies uniformity without inclusion. It is not expensive for them to color candies and whoever was in charge of this message really dropped the ball. The money from these bags being donated is the best thing to come from this and I really hope these bags are pulled. A better idea would have been to include bags with flag colors for other factors of the LBGTQ community – not this seemingly underhanded message that “we are all the same” when we are NOT, which is what makes us all so beautiful.

    1. I thought it was to show not that we are all the same but to be treated all the same. Taking the color away would be it doesn’t matter and we need not judge.

  8. Isnt the point of skittles to be proud of the rainbow and embrace in it?? Taste the rainbow… be the rainbow… is their slogan. So wouldnt it have the opposite affect making them all white and black.. plain?? Just the way I look at it.. could be wrong.

  9. I don’t exactly have a problem with the candy itself being “colorless”, but the phrase: “only one rainbow matters during pride” is a bit troublesome to me. Despite their intentions, I see this message can be morphed in a number of ways: white pride, straight pride, police awareness. This design wasn’t the smartest if they cared for LGBT pride. Feel like it goes against it in a way.

    1. How Ignorant to think. It means exactly what they said there’s no other picture here

  10. Author may want to recheck their description of the candy. They do not look grey in the photos with white letters.

    1. those were last year’s editions. This years description is accurate

  11. This has sent my ocd into convolutions. How am I supposed to sort it out by flavor? I can’t mix flavors!!!!!

  12. Lmao supporting pride, white pride ??? can’t wait for this to backfire

  13. The fact that all of you are arguing about it being racist or not and biblical or not are ridiculous. It’s candy taking a stand for free love. Take it or leave it. No one is making you eat it.

  14. I think this is pretty awsome. Personally I feel that keeping them white is cheaper than adding colors of any sort because they are white to begin with. If skittles were to make them any color no matter what one they would always have someone who just has to pull the race card. We’re all adults here stop acting like a victim seriously! Skittles making white pride skittles? Hahah okay were to weak of a country I swear!

  15. Pretty disgusting. Chemical “candies ” being sold to those with thyroid dysfunctions… being “prideful” is sinful and disgusting.
    Nothing to cheer for.

    1. Nobody is forcing skittles down your throat, go eat some cauliflower and kale and stop trying to make people feel bad for loving who they love. Love isn’t disgusting, hatred and intolerance is.

  16. I love this! And for those who are bringing their religion into it y’all need to go back and read the part where it says don’t judge. ??‍♀️

  17. Ah yes, White Power edition Skittles.

    1. Exactly how I took it, white pride ?‍♀️ I bet a lot more people are gonna think this when they see them in the shelf! Seems like a backwards idea lol

    2. Are they trying to suggest white is the only color that matters !

  18. You are an idiot and CLEARLY do not get it! Get a life!

  19. You’re all gonna die from diabetes anyway, who cares.

  20. Seriously skittles?! This makea you looks like a bunch of racists! White?! Why not add black and brown and all the other skin colours in the world instead of white. Seems to be promoting white privilege to me.

    1. You are an idiot and CLEARLY do not get it! Get a life!

    2. I had that thought too but technically the color white is all of the colors combined according to the color spectrum and black is no color a void of sorts…as an artist I believe they should be black skittles if they want to show no color…..I see what you mean about the racism too. I don’t think they intended it that way but they definitely went about it wrong.

      1. Rekka – Are you referring to the light color spectrum? Because the absence of light would be black with a combination of all colors. White would be absorbing all light, and the void of all colors.

      2. There is a difference between light and pigment…LOL

      3. Rekka, you have that backwards; white is the absence of all color, and black which is considered a hue, is all combined. I’m an artist.

    3. I figured people would be turning this into a race issue LOL. Damn.

  21. They are absolutely correct…There is only one rainbow that matters…The one God put in the sky that represents that He will never destroy the earth with water again…NOT A DISGUSTING DISGRACE SUCH AS A PRIDE SYMBOL!!!!!!!!!

    1. You do know that with that hateful comment you’re going to hell right??

    2. Wow imagine putting energy into hating a specific group of people without any good reason, go back to Matthew 7: 1-5

    3. Sherri, there has never been a worldwide flood. Step away from that horrible work of fiction,. known as the buybull…

    4. Anyone who takes this as white pride is a moron. Sorry, you just are. And Sherry you’re an imbecile and your religion is dumb. Please stop forcing your magic story book on us. Precipitation makes rainbows. Not your fake god. Grow up.

      1. Ok no 1 cares about ur religious views! God is real for sure!

  22. This is insane.. I guess the actual reason for a rainbow doesn’t matter.. gods promise to never floor the earth again

    1. Floor the earth? Lol
      Rainbows are not exclusive to the bible