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Remember When Starbucks Had Granitas? Well, Here’s How To Make Them From Home

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Starbucks has had quite the number of innovative products. One of the lesser known was probably the Starbucks Granitas.


Starbucks Granitas were subtly-sweetened finely-shaved ice topped off with bold espresso, white tea, or refreshing lemonade.

They were available in three flavors: Caramel Espresso, Teavana Youthberry White Tea and Strawberry Lemon Limeade.


Now, coming from a barista standpoint, these were AWFUL to me. I worked most days when these were available and they took 3 times as long as our other drinks (Granted I was getting drinks out lickety-split!)


But making them at home without a huge queue is MUCH easier. I actually enjoy making these now!


We have a series going on right now on how to make Starbucks drinks at home. This could be because you’re stuck at home, want to save money, or want to make drinks that are no longer available at Starbucks.


Check out some of our discontinued Starbucks drink recipes below!


But as I said before, today we are covering the Starbucks Granitas. There we’re gone before we could even blink.


These drinks launched in 2016 and were only available after 3pm. And they didn’t last long at all. But they definitely had their dedicated customers.

We still have a sweet lady come in on a regular basis wanting one and we make them as closely as we can at the store.


But making these at home gives you the best shot to be spot on! So get ready for the awesome and easy recipe below!


All three of these drinks are going to need finely shaved ice. I usually blend ice on the highest setting of my blender. You can also buy shaved ice straight from the store, but it’s obviously more costly.


Youthberry White Tea Granita

For this drink you’ll need to blend ice with lemonade on the highest setting until it is a shaved ice texture. You’ll then add some brewed and then chilled Youthberry Tea over top of the drink!


It’s super simple and only requires 3 easy ingredients! Ice, Lemonade, and Tea. Super easy, super refreshing, super delicious!


Caramel Espresso Granita

This one was definitely my favorite. I’ll always choose coffee over tea. And caramel mixed with coffee is just…superb.

For this one, blend your ice alone, put it in your cup, and then add a shot of espresso, a splash of cream, and some caramel drizzle. Also super easy and SO FREAKING GOOD!


Strawberry Lemonade Limeade Granita

For this one, you will blend your shaved ice with lemonade and strawberry pieces, put that in your cup and top with limeade. SO good!


All three drinks are super easy to make are are great for those missing the drinks of Starbucks past.


Comment below which drinks you want us to cover next! Or even pastries!


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