What Are Hoco Proposals and Why Is Everyone Talking About Them Right Now?

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School has started across the nation, and it’s time to start that all important tradition (at least in the great state of Texas) of inviting your crush to the Homecoming Game (and usually the dance that follows).

I went to high school in Texas (about a million years ago), and of course we do everything BIG there. I was so blessed to be a part of all the cool, over-the-top traditions, which have only gotten even bigger and better these days!

We ALWAYS had the MUM tradition at Homecoming (perhaps my favorite tradition!), but it has gotten CRAZY out of control. Some of those mums are dang billboards now!! LOL!!

During the time of Corna, there were also Homecoming Masks to use as an accessory to the Homecoming outfit. We don’t yet know if those are going to be a “thing” this year.

A newer tradition, that is absolutely the sweetest thing EVER, is the HoCo Proposal (Homecoming Proposal).

The Hoco Proposal pictures have already started popping up on my Facebook feed, and I LOVE it!!

The Hoco Proposal is similar to the “Promposal,” but it is on sort of a bit smaller scale — yet still super fetch. (Stop trying to make “fetch” happen.)

How do these Hoco Proposals work?

In the olden days, it was always the boy who asked the girl to Homecoming. Of course, these outdated stereotypes have changed.

Now, anyone can ask anybody else to Homecoming, as long as it’s done in an over-the-top way. LOL!

There are even just friends that get together and hit up the game (and the dance to follow), and that’s just fine.

The “asker” thinks of a cool way to “propose” that the couple go to Homecoming together, and they surprise the “askee” with a Hoco Proposal.

What are some Hoco Proposal ideas?

The sky is LITERALLY the limit here (people have been known to write it in the clouds with a skywriting plane).

There are about a million and one ways to pull off a Hoco Proposal, and the more original the idea, the better.

I have a friend whose daughter just got “proposed” to. Her date brought along his dog that wore a sign that said, “Will you ‘Ruff’ it with me at Hoco?”

Of course, there were balloons and flowers involved, and it was super sweet!

I saw another “proposal” where a guy ordered a pizza with pepperonis in the shape of a heart. He included a note that read, “I know this is kind of CHEESY, but will you go to Homecoming with me?”

Yet another guy surprised his girlfriend (who loves Hostess DingDong treats) with a sign that read, “I would be a Ding Dong not to take you to Hoco!”

You can basically do ANYTHING that is creative and fun (or sweet).

If you need some fire ideas for Hoco Proposals, you can always hit up Pinterest — they have ideas for EVERYTHING!

When you come up with your awesome Hoco Proposal idea, I want to see pictures!!

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