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You Can Get Adorable Tiny Dragon Bookmarks That Look Like They Are Sleeping Right On Your Page

No matter how you plan to do school this year, these Tiny Dragon Bookmarks are perfect for every type of student and parent! Honestly, they are just perfect for anyone who likes to read.


I actually have these in my Etsy cart right now! I use a bullet journal as my brain and these are so useful for marking what pages I am on in the 4 different books in my bullet journal.


They make wonderful book marks too! Since they are attached to paperclips, there is no reason to worry about them slipping out of place.


The cute little Dragons are made from polymer clay and painted with different colors. They are varnished so no worries about them not holding up with the color and details.


You can choose from the following Dragons:

  1. Forest dragon
  2. Fire dragon
  3. Rainbow dragon
  4. Earth dragon
  5. Bubble gum dragon
  6. Sea dragon
  7. Water dragon

One thing that I love about these, they are completely handmade! The artist doesn’t use any molds. So each one will be a little different and unique! I love the hand-painted details, they have so much character and depth!


Oh, my God, he’s so cute T-T I can’t even handle him, he’s just so small and adorable. I’m absolutely obsessed with dragons and this is just such a great addition to my little dragon collection. It seems really sturdy too. And the package came with a nice little note from the artist. This was overall a great product and a great experience. Highly recommend. If you’re in the states, be prepared to wait. It took a while to get here (NOT THE SHOP’S FAULT) but it was totally worth the wait.

Gray – Etsy Reviewer

You can order your own handmade Dragon Bookmarks from MysteryGrotto on Etsy for only $7.20! They’re little works of art that will be treasured by all dragon lovers.



Thursday 17th of September 2020