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You Can Now Shop Dollar Tree Online Without Buying In Bulk and I’m So Excited

You can now shop at the Dollar Tree website WITHOUT having to buy in ginormous bulk, and I’m giddy!

Have you ever thought about getting something at the Dollar Tree, only to go to the website, and find that they only sell like TWENTY of that one thing at a time? It has been highly annoying, and has cost them more than one sale — just from me.

I’m just sayin’!

I mean, I needed a garden flag stand the other day. I was SO excited, because I found them for a BUCK on the Dollar Tree website, only to find out I needed to buy THIRTY SIX of them — a whole case — to get the deal. No Thanks! I ended up going to Lowes Hardware, and paying nine dollars.

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

I was a little salty, because I knew Dollar Tree had them for a buck, but I couldn’t get around needing to buy so many of them.

Well, Dollar Tree has heard the cry of the masses, and lowered the threshold of minimum purchase on many products.

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

For example, right now on the site, they have wine glasses that you can buy in sets of 4. They DO charge a handling fee (it’s sixty cents in this case) if you buy less than a case. But, it’s better than buying forty two of them!

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

They also have Dermasil Cocoa Butter lotion, and again, you only have to buy four at a time. If you buy less than a case (24 of them), don’t be surprised by that handling fee.

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

You have to really be careful, because there are many things — like flip flops — that you still have to buy in bulk. Unless you need forty-eight pairs of flip flops, some things may not be worth getting it online.

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

They also have many items — like these Mini Boos — that are only available if you go into a physical Dollar Tree location. I really wanted one. *Sad face*

Courtesy of Dollar Tree

So, bottom line, you can get many outrageously fantastic deals at the Dollar Tree website, but look before you buy, and don’t be surprised by that handling fee if you buy less than a case.

Helen white

Friday 5th of June 2020

What does that mean

Shirley Burkard

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

wish our Dollar Tree here in Iowa had crafts like yours...

Virginia Wood

Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

Love Dollar Tree...Hope you would change the online purchasing.


Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

Do you ship to Canada?